Choosing Favorites


You know those families you see in restaurants, the ones that should be having a nice conversation but instead are ignoring each other while glued to their phones, probably tagging each other as they check-in to said restaurant?  Ugh.  Can’t stand it.  Especially when I realize I’m looking at a mirrored Coors Light wall sign and actually staring back at my own brood.  Yes, we are one of those families.  We have been, anyway.  We can be, at our worst.  On one of my good days, it bothers me enough to try to turn things around.

So last night, sitting in the dining room at our local municipal golf course’s restaurant (think Red Robin without all the glamour), I left my phone in my purse and did my best to strike up a conversation between the four of us.  Since my conversational skills are pretty limited before my second beer, I just started asking questions like “What’s your favorite number?” and we went around the table and answered.  As usual, Richie’s unique way of looking at things and expressing himself had us howling with laughter.  Here are a few for your enjoyment:

What is your favorite color?
Rich: green
Jillian: blue
Amy: red
Richie: Gold.  “It makes me feel rich.”

What is your favorite number?
Rich: 6
Jillian: 4
Amy: 2
Richie: 1,000,000

What is your favorite school subject?
Rich: science
Jillian: reading
Amy: English
Richie (very excited): “Can it be art?  Is art a subject?!?” Pauses for a moment. “I think it’s Math.”


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